Unsung Heroes of the Evolution

Presenter: Peter Scott-Presland

Presenter: Peter Scott-Presland

The journey from total illegality to (almost) total civil rights for LGBT people has been an incremental one, and the result of the work of many unsung heroes and heroines. This presentation will tell the stories of a few of those who are completely unknown – including LGBT historians.

ROBERT REID: The first person in modern Britain to stand up and say publicly “This is what we want.” He also kick-started the formation of the Homosexual Law Reform Society, which pushed for the decriminalisation of sex between men.

MEG ELIZABETH ATKINS: The first person to raise the issue of the employment of known homosexuals.

JOHN BRESLIN: The first well-known actor to come out voluntarily, and to urge others to do so.

PETER NORMAN: The man who developed the idea of ‘LGBT space’ as something we carry around with us.

In making this presentation, Peter Scott-Presland will be drawing heavily on material he Book_covercollected for Amiable Warriors: The History of the Campaign for Homosexual Equality (available from all good bookshops – and Amazon). Peter has been a campaigner, journalist, playwright, song writer and performer for the last 43 years.