SO_Logo_2Saturday morning and afternoon events were not ticketed, so people were encouraged to come early to get a good seat. The day started with some feedback on work with schools and colleges in the area, followed by a presentation from Peter Tatchell – click on the ‘morning’ button below to find out more (scroll down a bit to get to the buttons).

During the day there was an opportunity to take advantage of book signings, including this one:

Meet Penny Ellis and Jasmine Frame

Painted_ladiesJasmine Frame is a detective, a former policeman and a male to female transsexual. Painted Ladies and Bodies By Design are the first two Jasmine Frame novels in which Jasmine tackles cases of murder while coping with her transition. Penny Ellis, the author who is herself transgender, will be at the bookstall between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Saturday 13th Feb. to sign copies of the books and talk about transgender characters in fiction.  Go to for more details

The presentations continued after the lunch break – click the ‘afternoon’ button for a full list.

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We said “There are lots of eateries near the venue – we’d like to give a particular plug to eateries which have expressed their support for the festival – see our eat n sleep page for details, and especially to: stop. coffee shop (St Julian’s Crescent), stop. cafe bar (Museum & Art Gallery) and stop. @ UCS (University).  “We will be providing your refreshments on Friday evening and we would love to welcome you into any of our friendly cafes.  Best of luck with the festival!”


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