13th February 2016 – Saturday afternoon, at University Centre Shrewsbury, Frankwell, Shrewsbury SY3 8HQ

The afternoon began with a theatrical presentation and then featured a series of single presentations running in two rooms.

12.25pm Theatrical presentation slot, began with a short presentation on LGBT History Month Festival Theatre, by Stephen M Hornby, National Writer in Residence to LGBT HM, followed by theatre piece:

‘The Devils in Human Shape’

Three gossipers operate amongst us. They are the malignant voice of society: intolerant and DIHSjudgmental.

‘The Devils in Human Shape’ is an immersive performance that brings to life eighteenth-century documents detailing sodomy cases in Bristol. Through playful and sinister modes of speech, three gossipers speak of the sins committed by the ‘Devils in human shape’. This experimental encounter is a brilliantly inventive new way of bringing history to life. The piece is devised and performed by Tom Marshman, Danny Prosser and Rachael Clerk. Tom Marshman has been making performance work inspired by LGBTQ history for over 10 years and will be performing ‘The Devils in Human Shape’ in London, Bristol and Shrewsbury.

Performed by Tom Marshman, Rachael Clerk and Danny Prosser
Directed by Tom Marshman and devised by Tom Marshman, Danny Prosser and Rachael Clerk.Tom Marshman has been making performance work inspired by LGBTQ history for over 10 years.“An incredibly charming and compelling performer who gives very evocative glimpses into everyday things.” Tanuja Amarasuriya, Theatre Bristol.

Afternoon Presentations – running 2 at a time:

1.15pm – 1.45pm

Room one: Sanctuary or cissy? Female impersonation as entertainment in the British Armed Forces, 1939-1945 … more info

Room two: 10 Years of Sparkling in Manchester … more

1.55pm – 2.25pm

Room one:  The Best Of Good Fellows – Henry Labouchere … more info

Room two: No Secret Anymore: Lesbian Life Stories … more info

2.35pm – 3.05pm

Room one: A Short History of Gay Liberation in the UK … more info

Room two: Frances and Mary, a Thoroughly Modern Couple … more info

3.15pm – 3.45pm

Room one: The Impact of Religion on Sexuality and Gender in the Black British Community … more info

Room two: Philip Gillespie Bainbrigge (1890-1918): A Classical Lover … more info

3.55pm – 4.25pm

Room one: A Shropshire Story … more info

Room two: Unsung Heroes of the Evolution … more info


4.35pm – 5.45pm – gathered in the main hall for a presentation from Stuart Milk and follow-on panel.