The Joy of Tokenism

Lisa Power

Lisa Power

With Lisa Power

… being a lesbian in the 70s/80s gay movement.  The histories of lesbians and gay men in the 70s and 80s are often separated out, as much of our politics were then. I stuck it out in the “mixed” (mainly gay) movement and was invited into everything from Switchboard to Stonewall via the International Lesbian & Gay Association and DAFT (Dykes & Faggots Together). Stories will be told.

Lisa Power is a dyke who’s been around for donkeys’ years, a lesbian activist since the 70s, an HIV policy bureaucrat and troublemaker since the 80s, a writer and commentator on LGBT society and politics and a trained historian who is now a historical artefact in her own right. She’s poked her nose in everywhere from ActUp demos to the United Nations and was recently described by Russell T Davies as “the Zelig of the gay world”.

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