Blurring the Lines

Kate Hutchinson

Kate Hutchinson

With Kate Hutchinson.

Trans representation and gender expression in rock music: Rock music has long been a voice for minority groups, this includes the trans and gender variant community.  From lyrics in songs from Lou Reed and the Kinks to blurring gender stereotypes in image (Bowie, New York dolls etc), through to trans pioneers such as Jayne County from the punk era to Laura Jane Grace today.

Kate is CEO at Wipe Out Transphobia where she has provided training and support for several organisations including Barnardo’s Cymru, Welsh Women’s Aid and the NHS. She is a trustee of the Welsh LGBT charity Unity Group Wales, is a facilitator for All About Trans and has recently joined the committee of the LGBT education charity Schools OUT.  She is Also a Stonewall Cymru Associate and delivers training on their behalf.

Apart from her work for the LGBT+ community Kate is a passionate rock musician and performs with two bands from opposite ends of the musical spectrum.

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