Introducing Diana Souhami

… award-winning English writer of biographies, short stories and  plays including the Whitbread Prize winning ‘Selkirk’s Island’, ‘Edith Cavell’ and ‘Mrs Keppel and Her Daughter’.

We are delighted to announce that Diana will be joining us for the 2017 Festival.

Diana has made her name as a biographer who blurred the boundary between fact and fiction. She has specialised in what one reviewer called “grand lesbians and ragged mariners”. She claims the right to write like this because fact and fiction are more confused than ever. “We live in a world of virtual realities, where we are not quite sure whether the Queen is the Queen or Helen Mirren or Margaret Thatcher is Meryl Streep. The boundaries between subjective response and objective fact become very blurred, particularly when everyone is in their bespoke world of iPhones. You could pinch yourself about what real relationship is, and who are the real characters, don’t you think?” (Ref) 

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