9 days to go

… and we are a third of the way to achieving our target – click here to donate and share: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/Back-in-Time2

We have been sharing information about some of the events that will take place over the History Festival over the weekend. These include a stimulus exhibition’ of LGBT artefacts and memorabilia designed to provoke memories and story-sharing; speakers including the fabulous Diana Souhami – see just a few of her titles here!

We also have a whole series of presentations – previously we mentioned:

“The oldest New Woman and her incorrigible Welsh friend”: Frances Power Cobbe and Mary Charlotte Lloyd in conversation


Blurring the Lines -– Trans representation and gender expression in rock music

We can now add:

The History of Schools Out: Schools OUT UK is a unique organisation that has instigated many vital projects that have enabled LGBT people in all their diversity to be visible and safe.


The Other Consenting Adults:  or, What were lesbians doing in 1967? In 2017 we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Act of Parliament which partially decriminalised homosexuality between men. Lesbians, never having been illegal, are not officially part of this story – but the media spotlight that was trained on their gay brothers at that time sometimes illuminated their struggle, too.

This is all at The National Festival of LGBT History in Shrewsbury 17 – 19th Feb 2017 – open to all – and we are crowdfunding now and for the next 9 days – click here


Thank you!


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