23% and growing

We woke this morning to find the Crowdfunder at 23% which is brilliant and with 12 days to go we hope to achieve our target of £2,000. The money will all go towards the 2017 Festival and is a vital part of our budget. The organisers do it all on a voluntary basis – we started planning in April and are due to submit our Saturday programme to the National by the end of this week so it is all moving pace!

Peter Tatchell Feb 2016

Peter Tatchell Feb 2016

By ‘the National’ we mean the HQ of the National Festival of LGBT History – also an all-volunteer group – it was their idea, they coordinate the hubs, process the presentations and set some parameters for the events. We make sure it happens in Shrewsbury.

Our Saturday programme is coming together nicely and will include:

Meet Frances and Mary. Photo Deb Taylor

Photo Deb Taylor

“The oldest New Woman and her incorrigible Welsh friend”: Frances Power Cobbe and Mary Charlotte Lloyd in conversation.

Frances Power Cobbe (b.1822) an Irish feminist and political activist, and Mary Lloyd (b1819), a Welsh artist, were partners for 35 years. They met in Rome, Italy, lived and campaigned together in London and ended their years in Dolgellau, Wales, where they are buried together in Llanelltyd churchyard. From the mid c19th both women were leading lights in campaigns for women’s rights and animal rights. They campaigned for votes for women and Frances was instrumental in changing the law on ‘wife torture’ (women experiencing domestic violence).

Photo Jill Bedford

Photo Jill Bedford

Blurring the Lines -– Trans representation and gender expression in rock music.

Rock music has long been a voice for minority groups, this includes the trans and gender variant community. From lyrics in songs from Lou Reed and the Kinks to blurring gender stereotypes in image (Bowie, New york dolls etc), through to trans pioneers such as Jayne County from the punk era to Laura Jane Grace today. This presentation will give a brief run through that history and talk about how it has helped in changing attitudes and bringing awareness.

Click here to contribute to our Crowdfund – and tell your friends: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/Back-in-Time2

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