This weekend …

…. we are at the Shropshire Rainbow Film Festival, where we can be found handing out Crowdfunder cards and information leaflets about the History Festival. The Crowdfunder has so far raised £385 and, with 2 weeks to go to achieve our target of £2,000 every contribution is very welcome. If you have picked up a card – or had one pressed into your hand or tucked into your pocket then type in the website address for Just Giving – or more simply click here: 

Every pound contributes so, be part of history!

Oh – and tell all your friends! Remember – only 2 weeks to go.

So …. back to this weekend. the Rainbow Film Festival launch night and film last night was excellent. The Deputy Mayor actually used the words ‘Lesbian’ Gay’ ‘Bisexual’ and ‘Transgender’ which was refreshing – no swallowing an acronym here in Shrewsbury! We understand that many people commented on this so that alone is food for thought.

This morning we shall be at the Short Film screenings at 10am followed by a series of features and discussions leading us to a gig in the Old Market Hall cafe at 10pm. And it is not over then as Sunday treats us to another series of great films.

Visitors have arrived from all corners of the Country – including the Scottish Borders, the Welsh Coast and the East of England so the reach is wide .. not to mention visiting Directors from overseas. Come on down and say hello: 

And … if you haven’t seen it yet check out this 3 minute video of the 2016 History Festival so you know what we are Crowdfunding for right now


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