Photos are here!

What a wonderful festival! It surpassed all expectations of the organisers and feedback has been extraordinary.
It has taken a little while to sort through our photographs and thanks are due to our volunteer photographers who did a fantastic job of documenting the weekend – check out our Photo Gallery for a delightful festival overview.

Our amazing volunteers made it all happen and this is a great opportunity to thank them too, along with all the presenters who made it such a rich and varied programme. We w

Photo Jill Bedford

Photo Jill Bedford

ere overwhelmed by the numbers attending which made it so vibrant so huge thanks to everyone who came along and who passed the message on to help word get round.

Of course, it didn’t all finish on the Sunday. Sadly the exhibition came down in the museum on Monday and we shipped all our kit out of the University and The Hive. But it wasn’t all about dismantling: Stu Maddux stayed with us, following his Sunday screening of Reel in the Closet and used Shrewsbury as a base from which he visited students in New College Telford and attended subsequent film screenings at the Bristol (20th Feb) and Manchester (27th Feb) hubs. Stuart Milk headed off to the Bristol hub on Monday; Peter Tatchell and


Stu Maddux

Jane Traies to Manchester; Stuart Feather to Bristol and then Manchester; and Dr Emma Vickers to Newcastle and then Manchester. So a pretty busy time all round with plenty to celebrate.


Many people have asked about the fundraising and we are happy to report that, whilst there are a few outstanding invoices to sort out, we are pretty confident that enough was raised to break even – again we are very appreciative of all the support.

Some people discovered their name on a shirt. Photo Clare Bear

Some people discovered their name on a shirt. Photo Clare Bear

You will recall that we recorded a huge amount of material, to capture our own history in the making – this will take a whole to edit and we’ll let you know when it is out and about.

Please do stay in touch – follow this blog, connect via twitter or facebook, keep talking about the festival and spread the word – who knows what may happen next!

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