October is Crowdfund Month

This is a first for us – and it may be for you too. We are crowdfunding – that mean asking far and wide for lots of people to give a relatively small – certainly affordable – amount of money in a finite period of time – to make a large amount in total, which in turn helps something to happen!

We are only doing it for the month of October 2015 – to raise as much money as we can to help the 2016 Midlands Hub of the National LGBT Festival to happen. Our current crowd consists of 22 people who, between them have contributed £1,190 – see it here: CLICK. We cannot even start to explain how this makes us feel – but believe us – it is all good. AND we are so chuffed that, as well as our own lovely communities here in Shrewsbury, our straight allies have swelled the donations – and we have already had crowd contributors from a wide geographical area, including London, Brighton, and the U.S.A.!

Our initial target is £2,000. If we make that we have what is called a ‘stretch target’ of £3,000. To be honest – the more we can get via Crowdfunding the better – it means that the volunteers (which is what all the organisers are) can put effort into programming the weekend rather than raising money. The vision is to have the vast majority of the Shrewsbury LGBT History Festival free to enter.

Be part of making our own bit of history – join our crowd, every fiver counts


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