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OUTing the Past – Shrewsbury 17 – 19 Feb 2017 #Salop17 #lgbthm17

9 days to go

… and we are a third of the way to achieving our target – click here to donate and share:

We have been sharing information about some of the events that will take place over the History Festival over the weekend. These include a stimulus exhibitdianasouhamiion’ of LGBT artefacts and memorabilia designed to provoke memories and story-sharing; speakers including the fabulous Diana Souhami – see just a few of her titles here!

We also have a whole series of presentations – previously we mentioned:

“The oldest New Woman and her incorrigible Welsh friend”: Frances Power Cobbe and Mary Charlotte Lloyd in conversation


Blurring the Lines -– Trans representation and gender expression in rock music

We can now add:

The History of Schools Out: Schools OUT UK is a unique organisation that has instigated many vital projects that have enabled LGBT people in all their diversity to be visible and safe.


The Other Consenting Adults:  or, What were lesbians doing in 1967? In 2017 we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Act of Parliament which partially decriminalised homosexuality between men. Lesbians, never having been illegal, are not officially part of this story – but the media spotlight that was trained on their gay brothers at that time sometimes illuminated their struggle, too.

This is all at The National Festival of LGBT History in Shrewsbury 17 – 19th Feb 2017 – open to all – and we are crowdfunding now and for the next 9 days – click here

Thank you!


23% and growing

We woke this morning to find the Crowdfunder at 23% which is brilliant and with 12 days to go we hope to achieve our target of £2,000. The money will all go towards the 2017 Festival and is a vital part of our budget. The organisers do it all on a voluntary basis – we started planning in April and are due to submit our Saturday programme to the National by the end of this week so it is all moving pace!

Peter Tatchell Feb 2016
Peter Tatchell Feb 2016

By ‘the National’ we mean the HQ of the National Festival of LGBT History – also an all-volunteer group – it was their idea, they coordinate the hubs, process the presentations and set some parameters for the events. We make sure it happens in Shrewsbury.

Our Saturday programme is coming together nicely and will include:

Meet Frances and Mary. Photo Deb Taylor
Photo Deb Taylor

“The oldest New Woman and her incorrigible Welsh friend”: Frances Power Cobbe and Mary Charlotte Lloyd in conversation.

Frances Power Cobbe (b.1822) an Irish feminist and political activist, and Mary Lloyd (b1819), a Welsh artist, were partners for 35 years. They met in Rome, Italy, lived and campaigned together in London and ended their years in Dolgellau, Wales, where they are buried together in Llanelltyd churchyard. From the mid c19th both women were leading lights in campaigns for women’s rights and animal rights. They campaigned for votes for women and Frances was instrumental in changing the law on ‘wife torture’ (women experiencing domestic violence).

Photo Jill Bedford
Photo Jill Bedford

Blurring the Lines -– Trans representation and gender expression in rock music.

Rock music has long been a voice for minority groups, this includes the trans and gender variant community. From lyrics in songs from Lou Reed and the Kinks to blurring gender stereotypes in image (Bowie, New york dolls etc), through to trans pioneers such as Jayne County from the punk era to Laura Jane Grace today. This presentation will give a brief run through that history and talk about how it has helped in changing attitudes and bringing awareness.

Click here to contribute to our Crowdfund – and tell your friends:

This weekend …

…. we are at the Shropshire Rainbow Film Festival, where we can be found handing out Crowdfunder cards and information leaflets about the History Festival. The Crowdfunder has so far raised £385 and, with 2 weeks to go to achieve our target of £2,000 every contribution is very welcome. If you have picked up a card – or had one pressed into your hand or tucked into your pocket then type in the website address for Just Giving – or more simply click here: 

Every pound contributes so, be part of history!

Oh – and tell all your friends! Remember – only 2 weeks to go.

So …. back to this weekend. the Rainbow Film Festival launch night and film last night was excellent. The Deputy Mayor actually used the words ‘Lesbian’ Gay’ ‘Bisexual’ and ‘Transgender’ which was refreshing – no swallowing an acronym here in Shrewsbury! We understand that many people commented on this so that alone is food for thought.

This morning we shall be at the Short Film screenings at 10am followed by a series of features and discussions leading us to a gig in the Old Market Hall cafe at 10pm. And it is not over then as Sunday treats us to another series of great films.

Visitors have arrived from all corners of the Country – including the Scottish Borders, the Welsh Coast and the East of England so the reach is wide .. not to mention visiting Directors from overseas. Come on down and say hello: 

And … if you haven’t seen it yet check out this 3 minute video of the 2016 History Festival so you know what we are Crowdfunding for right now


Crowdfunder – now live

Calling all our Ambassadors – that’s you – now is your chance to advocate for the festival and encourage an even wider audience to engage and play a part. The link to our Campaign is here:

Exciting times ahead …..!

3 days to go ….

67-lgbt history launch night 2016-045In anticipation of the start of our October Crowdfund Campaign we have designed our logo for 2017 – not a million miles from the last one because we like continuity – just with a different historic background – this time a peek at the Old Market Hall, built in 1596 and situated in The Square.

This year’s Crowdfund will start on Friday and run for 30 days and we are fully focused on developing a fantastic festival programme.

The Devils in Human Shape. Photo Kathy Davenhill
The Devils in Human Shape. Photo Kathy Davenhill

Talking of which …. we will release details soon but you can be assured that the 2017 programme will include the ‘taster’ presentations that were so popular, plus a bit of theatre, an exhibition, some inspiring speakers – and more! Once again we will have a launch event on the Friday (17th Feb) and some ‘festival fringe events’.

Welcome from lovely volunteers. Photo Jill Bedford
Welcome from lovely volunteers. Photo Jill Bedford

The whole thing is organised and staffed by volunteers and, of course, it costs money to put it on. Every pound you contribute is part of its success and we are hugely appreciative.

Be part of history in the making. Be ready, be prepared …. Friday is just the beginning! Watch out for the link … then click and share!


Great welcome from the sell-out audience. Photo: Paola Alessandri-Gray
Great welcome from the sell-out audience. Photo: Paola Alessandri-Gray

Behind the scenes …. Dr Emma Vickers

Continuing our short series of interviews ahead of our October Crowdfunder launch take 3 minutes out of your day to check in with our Keynote speaker Dr Emma Vickers in this little clip

Here’s a treat – Stuart Milk

Behind the scenes at the festival with Stuart Milk – find out what he had to say

More interviews to follow ……

Salop#17 #lgbthm17

We’re at it again

We cannot believe how quickly the year is whizzing by. Already we are planning our Crowdfunder for the 2017 National Festival of LGBT History in Shrewsbury. The whole thing cost about £7,000 last time round and we are massively grateful for every single penny donated.

Please keep an eye out for the Crowdfunder – the principle of a little bit of money from a lot of people to create something magical is very close to our hearts. We are hoping that the whole concept is easier to understand now that so many people have experienced the first ever National Festival of LGBT History in Shrewsbury.

We also hope that our experience of Crowdfunding will stand us in better stead this year to manage the process, which felt quite stressful from this end last year!

The Festival dates for 2017 are 17-19th Feb so get the dates in your diaries and please be ready to spread the word… we’ll count you in!

The video is live! Share share share (pls :-)

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